Our Family

Here we are: our family. Me, Jason, Ellie, and Zelda. We believe that family is extremely important. In fact, we believe that families can be together even after this life. To view what we believe are the fundamentals for building strong families, check out The Family: A Proclamation to the World.

Here's Jason's family. Diana and James (both on the bottom in the middle) are his parents. Tiffany (on the bottom to the left of Diana) is his sister and the oldest of the siblings; she's married to Jarom (the farthest person left) and they have four daughters: Aubrey and Mikayla (both in James' lap), Skylar (in Tiffany's arms), and Brynn (in Diana's arms). Michael (in the back in the middle) is Jason's older brother and he's married to Shelley (in the back in the middle, above James); they have a daughter Emily (being held by Michael) who's three months older than Ellie. Tyler (on the left, above Tiffany) is the youngest of the siblings, and he's married to Sarah (who's right next to him on his right, above Tiffany and Diana). Jason, Ellie, and I are on the right.

Here's half of my family. My mom, Tammy, is the one in the middle, next to my stepdad Stefan (on her right). Diana, my oldest stepsister, is the farthest right, next to her husband Austin. Their daughter Violet is being held by my mom in the middle, and they also have a son, Porter, who was born this year and isn't in this picture. My brother Banks is the farthest left on the top row, and my sister Alyse is right below him. (She was married earlier this year, and her husband Tanner isn't in this picture.) My stepsister Naomi is between and above my mom and Stefan, and my youngest sister, Sydney, is right in front between me, my mom, and Violet.

This is the other half of my family. Jason, Ellie, Zelda, and I are on the far right. My dad is in the middle right, just behind me, and my stepmom Debbie is in front of him to the left. To the left of Debbie and my dad is Banks (in the back), with his wife Nan and son Max in the very front. My sister Alyse, her husband Tanner, and their baby Ezra are on the far left. My stepsisters Cierra and MaCall (and her husband Aaron and baby Grayson) weren't able to be there for the picture that day, and my stepbrother Landon is currently on his mission in Brazil.