Saturday, July 1, 2017

May Miscellaneous

This is the last May post! Which means that I'm all caught up until June...just in time for it to be July in less than one hour. 😂 But, that does mean that in a couple days (because I'm on a roll, I'm going to get these all done) I will finally be all caught up.

Okay, so with that said, here are the miscellaneous May pictures! These are the ones that didn't fit into the other posts.

Some fun photos of a girls' morning out with Daddy a few Saturdays ago (Jason bicycled all over with them while I got to stay home with Sue):

A discovery I made one morning after Ellie'd been playing with the scissors:

Luckily, it's nearly impossible to see the spot where she cut. Yay! But then, a couple days ago, I had an almost identical discovery next to Zelda's blanket. Again, very fortunately, you can't tell where she cut at all. We've had several talks about scissors this month.

Also, do you see it? I see it.

Two pages from the Book of Mormon I'm posting because Ellie read these all by herself, out loud, to me and Jason:

Sue, in a car, being adorable:

Mikayla and Zelda:

Susie, at Chik-fil-A, being adorable:

Susie, at a park, being adorable:

Susie helping Daddy unload the dishwasher:

She loves "helping" with this and has broken dishes in the past by pulling them out a bit too forcefully from the dishwasher so that they fling on to the floor. When I took this picture, Jason was very quickly moving from Susie to the cupboards and back, taking the dishes from her before any accidents could occur.

Susie, in a shopping cart, being adorable:

This lovely bread-and-spaghetti flower, made by Ellie, that I found while cleaning up after dinner one night:

Susie watching the storm out the window with her sisters:

Susie intently watching Daddy open the vitamin jar because she really wanted one too:

This "extra large" lemon (they were all this size!) at the grocery store:

Ellie's grocery list:


One minute later:

Ellie and the moon cacti:

One of the many lizards we caught this month:

Zelda's Tea Party

Zelda is such a funny, wonderful girl. She loves stuffed animals (especially her dogs, Rover, Big Rover, Little Rover, and Other Rover)(she named them herself, can you tell?), real animals, baby dolls, dress up, and Moana. Her latest obsession is Blaze and the Monster Machines and was absolutely thrilled today when she was able to earn some little die-cast Blaze trucks to play with. She has a strong spirit in a tiny body and we absolutely and utterly adore her.

A few weeks ago I walked into the playroom to find Zelda had set this tea party up with her animals, and it melted my heart:

I love this girl.

Friday, June 30, 2017

Googly Eyed Susie

One day towards the end of May I was on the computer (probably trying to get updated on this blog, haha). Susie and Zelda were playing quietly in the playroom. After a while, Susie crawled up to me. I said hi to her and put my hand on her head.

And felt something weird.

The back of her head was covered in hard bumps. 

She turned around, and I saw what was all over the back of her head: googly eyes.

Apparently, while they were playing quietly together, Zelda was gluing a bunch of googly eyes to the back of Susie's head.

Preschool Graduation

Since we came to Texas, we had the opportunity for the girls to be in a mothers co-op preschool. We were able to do it from when we got here until the school year ended in May. The girls had loads of fun doing it, and I'm really happy they were able to do it.

Here's an art day where they played with playdough, and Ellie's animals plus their paw prints:

When the school districts around here finished up in May, preschool finished too. On the last day we had a little "graduation" ceremony for the kids and they all got certificates.

Ellie will be starting kindergarten in the fall. I can't believe it!!

May Zoo

In the middle of May the girls and I went to the zoo. We saw the bird exhibits we hadn't seen yet, which means we *finally* have seen the whole zoo. I loved the "Birds of the World" building we went to, mostly because it's air conditioned and I know it'll be a good spot to head to when we go in the summer. 😂

Hanging out by this giant bird:

Giant millipede:

Ellie and the turtles:

This is how you know it's time to go home: 

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

The Tunnel

At the same park that has that bayou and dock, there's a really cool playground (the one from this post). Just the day after the girls and I went down to the dock, Jason took them to the playground to play. He took some really cool photos of them playing in this tunnel they have there (it's really cool! It goes in one side of this little hill and comes out the other to another part of the playground).

These next pictures make me laugh, because they remind me of those old paintings where saints have that illumination around their heads: